Membership Application


Membership Fee and Discounts

  1. Membership Fee is £65.00, paid electronically through our site via Paypal.
  2. Annual membership runs from January to December. If joining part way through the year, pro rata discount applies.

Pro Rata Discounts

  • January to March inclusive = 0% discount
  • April to June inclusive = 25% discount
  • July to September inclusive = 50% discount
  • October to December inclusive = 75% discount

Application process and details to note:

1. Upon application through this site, you will receive an automated acknowledgement of payment, however this is not confirmation of acceptance of your application. Payment does not guarantee acceptance for membership. (see 3)

2. Your application will be sent through to the next Business Meeting for verification and ratification.

3. Should membership not be ratified during the following business meeting, you will receive a full refund of any payments made.

If you have any queries please contact us by leaving us a message on helpline 0131 467 7039 or email at



New Member Details

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You must be registered with ARB and be a member of the RIAS.

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