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What are you missing out on?


Our CPD Programme

Free for members. Lectures by professionals and specialist with technical expertise in different fields, academics, and site visits to building sites and completed projects. Arranged by members for members.  You can get an impression of how it works by being a guest once for free.

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ECAN at the ESPC

A dedicated group of volunteer architects forming the ESPC “Expert Architects” Group who regularly provide free advice at the Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre in Edinburgh.  Great for the public but also a chance for the architect to meet potential new client.

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Forty voices are stronger than one! ECAN members are represented on a number of RIAS committees and EAA Council, making sure the issues that affect small practices are getting heard. We also meet up with senior Planning and Building Standards officials, to hear of changes and raise concerns.  We also collectively respond to questionnaires and consultations, and put some weight to sole practitioners’ voices together.

Group Discounts

ECAN members endeavour to club together to purchase software and subscriptions at significant discounts. Why pay more on your own when we can negotiate lower costs together? These are on an opt in basis, and currently some members have reduced TRADA subscription.

Free Documents

Members have free access to the Architects Appointment document (ASP 2005) for small works (in recognition for our input into its design). Building Warrant Application Methodology and many other guidances, documents and resources, developed by and shared between members.


Ever wished you had someone to turn to? Need to find an answer to that difficult question? Now you can get help and advice from your fellow professionals through the use of ECANet (hosted on Googlegroup).  ECAN has over 1000 years of architectural experience between its members.

Good Practice

With small practices often getting a poor reputation for professionalism, ECAN champion various best practices, including small project appointment documents, guidance to appropriate arrangements for professional work in event of incapacity or death (ARB requirement), and other guidances, useful documents and resources available for free for members.

New Clients

The public can use Find An Architect search facility on the website to seek out members own websites. Prospects could also use the contact form on the website, if they do not know how to or wish to choose an architect from a list, the form is linked to the ECAN Rota, members can opt in to join the rota.  ECAN members also have the opportunity to choose to participate at the ESPC helpdesk and benefit from direct contact with the public.

Share Resources

Get help from each other, work together on larger project/competition or pass on a project when you are too busy.  Or be on the receiving end of projects when others are retiring or too busy.

Don’t work in isolation – join the network!